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Log your time worked

with just two taps

With logtempo you add as many tasks as you need.

Two taps are all it takes to log time spent on any task.
Remove tasks no longer needed or edit to add more details.

Set due dates and alerts - never miss a deadline again!
At-a-glance colour-coding shows task due status¹

View reports for today, the week so far, and the last 7 days.
Inadvertedly-logged times can be removed with a swipe¹/long touch².

Reports can be mailed, printed¹, or shared with other users/opened
in other Apps for simplified time reporting.
[JSON/CSV data export or CSV data sharing with suitable Apps - such as Dropbox, Evernote, Numbers¹, etc.]
[¹ iOS-only][² Android]

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Log your time worked, with just two taps

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